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Welcome to Our Commercial Bed Bug Monitoring Program

Our Program is Designed for Businesses in Need of Effective and Comprehensive Bed Bug Monitoring Solutions.

The purpose of these packs is to enable more controls in-house and to quickly and professionally react to the earliest signs of bed bug infestations. With our comprehensive guide and Clearview Bed Bug Monitors, you can capture infestations at the beginnings, minimize infestation levels and assure your business' responsibility and customer satisfaction.

This diligence process shows that your ongoing monitoring is completed which minimizes the chances of a notification or complaint being received from the customer.

Alongside our Clearview Bed Bug Monitors, we also have a comprehensive informative pack to support in-house training and monitoring.

The pack includes information on:

  • Full Life Cycle Identification
  • Response Action Plans and Guides for Front of House Staff
  • Manager/Owner Info, Housekeeping Action Plan
  • Comprehensive Guide for Observation Signs of Infestation
  • Monitoring Recording Sheet
  • Detailed Harbouring Places

Our bed bug monitoring program is perfect for all business types with accommodation rooms, such as hotels, hostels, and b&bs.

We make it easy for businesses to monitor and respond to bed bugs, ensuring your customers have a comfortable experience.

Capturing infestations at the beginning will minimise infestation levels and assist with the management of any issues.

Having this diligence process in place enables responsibility and the ability for your business to evidence that ongoing monitoring is completed, and minimises the chances of a notification or complaint being received from the customer.

Don't let bed bugs take over your business!

Contact us today for a free consultation and let our experts help you find the right bed bug monitoring solutions for you.

The Support Pack PDF book is available as a download provided free with all purchases of a Clearview Bed Bug Monitor


Early identification

Easy inspection

Safe and simple to use

Fits on all bed styles

Non toxic, chemical-free

Scientifically proven to encourage harbourge

Robust and reuseable

For homes and commercial usage