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Clearview Bed Bug Monitor

Simply place the bed bug monitor on or under the bed, and any bed bugs will be lured into it for you to see clearly

Comes with invaluable resource packages for evidencing Bed Bugs for use in Commercial settings especially Air BNB, Holiday rentals, holiday parks, Hotels and B&B.

clearview bed bug monitor product pic
clearview bed bug monitor product pic
clearview standard bed bug monitor on bed

An essential, cost effective product for monitoring and evidencing bed bug infestations

The Clearview Bed Bug Monitor has a unique design that has been developed over 3 years by trained and experienced technicians that have over 30 years experience dealing with bed bugs.

The design takes into account bed bugs biology and habits, using preferred materials and light levels.

It has a unique design that encourages bed bugs to harbour inside comfortably, deterring the need for them to retreat to less visible or accessible places.

The monitor can be fitted to any bed and is easily moved to alternative beds for constant monitoring and peace of mind - wherever you are staying/sleeping.


"Overall I think this bed bug monitoring device is very good and would likely out perform most other devices on the market"

- Dr Richard Naylor, Bed Bug Foundation

dr richard naylor bed bug foundation


24/7 bed bug monitoring

24/7 monitoring year after year

Unique double wave design to guide bed bugs

Unique double wave design to guide bed bugs

Made of wood - bed bugs preferred resting place

Made of wood - bed bugs preferred resting place

Can be taken on holiday with you

Can be taken on holiday with you

clear view bed bug monitor - product layers


clearview bed bug monitor - standard monitor
clearview bed bug monitor - black top monitor
clearview bed bug monitor - corner monitor
clearview bed bug monitor video


Early identification

Easy inspection

Safe and simple to use

For homes and commercial usage

bed bug detector

Non toxic, chemical-free

Fits on ALL bed styles

Robust and reuseable

Scientifically proven to encourage harbourge


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